October 2020

October 2020

October 15, 2020

Week 41 (October 5th - October 9th) #

Week 42 (October 12th - October 16th) #

Nothing significant happened during this week. The only change was that Hunor resolved a problem when sentry client library (the alert service we use) caused errors in stage environment and hence the problem didn’t make it to production.

We have also released a new version of packit: 0.18.

Week 43 (October 19th - October 24th) #

We finally had a week with plenty updates!

  • We found out the hard way that one cannot build in Fedora koji directly from SRPM unless it’s a scratch build. The discussion with Fedora rel-eng is happening at pagure.io/releng/issue/9801 and in the meantime, all koji builds will be halted on our side since we know they cannot succeed. Do scratch: true for koji builds before this gets resolved.
  • Packit creates a symlink for a generated archive at the root of the project. So far it only did it from a relative path and now absolute paths are supported as well. This is useful when your specfile is placed in a subdirectory and rpmbuild can’t find the archive.
  • There is a new usability improvement to proposing a new downstream update. If the PR is already created, packit won’t create it again. You will no longer receive duplicate downstream PRs in dist-git.
  • When doing a new downstream update, packit doesn’t sync %changelog since those are usually out of sync between upstream and downstream. Packit creates a new entry for the new release in the downstream. There is a new packit.yaml configuration option sync_changelog which bypasses this behaviour and copies the %changelog from upstream and overwrites the downstream changelog. Please use this option only when your changelogs are in sync. Documentation

Week 44 (October 26th - October 30th) #

No user-facing changes in packit(-service) this week.