November 2021

November 2021

November 8, 2021

Week 44 (November 1st - November 5th) #

  • We have fixed several issues in packit when it’s periodically checking statuses of jobs. You should now reliably see up to date check statuses for Copr RPM builds and Testing Farm runs. (packit-service#1267), (packit-service#1265)
  • Fixed an issue, which raised a UnicodeEncodingError, when working with dist-git patch files with an encoding other than UTF-8. (packit#1406)
  • Backup alias definitions now reflect the official release of Fedora 35. (packit#1405)

Week 45 (November 8th - November 12th) #

  • You can now specify skip_build option in the test job metadata in the Packit configuration file. This will cause no Copr build to be built and installed into the testing environment, but only trigger the tests in Testing Farm (the selected components to be installed should be part of the TMT definitions). (packit-service#1256)
  • Packit supports changelog-entry action that is used when creating SRPM. The action is supposed to generate whole changelog entry (including - at the start of the lines) and has a priority over any other way we modify the changelog with. (packit#1367)

Week 46 (November 15th - November 19th) #

  • A new env config option has been added for specifying environment variables, which are then passed to Testing Farm along with some more pre-defined variables (e.g. name of the project, URL, etc). (packit#1411) (packit-service#1275)
  • The Github check run names are now shorter and easier to read. (packit-service#1281)

Week 47 (November 22th - November 26th) #

  • You can set up a new koji_build job using the commit trigger to submit a Koji build for a new commit in a dist-git branch. The configuration file needs to be present in the dist-git for now (the state for the new commit is used). (packit-service#1278)

Week 48 (November 29th - December 3rd) #

  • External contributors can’t trigger internal tests initially. Project maintainers need to trigger the action via /packit test comment to run the job. (packit-service#1302) (packit-service#1305)
  • A new packit prepare-sources command has been implemented for preparing sources for an SRPM build using the content of an upstream repository. (packit#1424)
  • Packit now visibly informs about an ongoing cloning process to remove potential confusion. (packit#1431)
  • The upstream_package_name config option is now checked for illegal characters and an error is thrown if it contains them. (packit#1434)