November 2020

November 2020

November 6, 2020

Week 45 (November 2nd - November 6th) #

  • Laura implemented an option for packit to copy description from a release into a changelog when running propose-update. Also the default message has been changed to the list of commit messages from last release. (packit#1004)
  • Jano improved handling of build targets in packit. (packit#986)
  • Tomas improved an experience of a contributor to source-git in case the contributor doesn’t follow git-am patches style that is used. (packit#1000)

Week 46 (November 9th - November 13th) #

  • Tomas improved the UX of logging in the CLI. (packit#1014)
  • Jano improved logic of acquiring current version in the CLI. (packit#1013)
  • We appreciate getting feedback from our users, if you could find some time to do so, there is an open issue for it.

Week 47 (November 16th - November 20th) #

  • Matej fixed an issue with Packit CLI, enabling recursive search for spec-files (packit#1005). It turned out, this change made it very easy to deplete GitHub API quota, so it was reverted.
  • Laura made Copr builds to be part of the default jobs. This will cause build jobs to explicitly run, and display their own result flags in PRs, next to the test results. We hope this to be a more friendly behaviour for our new users (packit#1024).

Week 48 (November 23rd - November 27th) #

  • Laura fixed a bug, where Packit Service failed to trigger Copr builds before triggering the tests in case triggering Copr builds was configured for a different event.
  • Thanks to Matej, Packit Service will now comment on commits in case Copr builds fail after a merge, in order to indicate the reason for the failure.
  • Packit Service will soon stop commenting on PRs after the first successful build. The installation instructions from these comments were moved to the result page by Laura, while Matej added a warning to inform users about this upcoming change.