May 2022

May 2022

May 2, 2022

Week 17 (April 26th - May 2th) #

  • We have fixed an issue affecting Pipelines view on Dashboard. Currently you should be able to see pipelines again; we are also working on fixing empty rows for propose-downstream jobs. (packit-service#1461)
  • Packit now shows the specific info when it does not have permissions to create a Bodhi update of your package. When you configure issue_repository in your Packit config file, Packit will create an issue in that project and link the dist-git page where you can give Packit FAS user the correct permissions. (packit-service#1465)
  • Packit now exports PACKIT_PR_ID environment variable to the Testing Farm. (packit-service#1467)
  • The bug in the Copr permission request is now fixed. (After the release of a new Copr client, Packit didn’t catch that permission problem and didn’t request the permissions to build in a custom Copr project.) (packit-service#1472)
  • We have fixed a bug that caused Packit to fail when submitting Testing Farm on commit trigger. (packit-service#1474)
  • Packit now builds RPMs in Copr triggered by release event with correct NVR (without the artificial release suffix). You can use it for distributing RPM packages via Copr.
  • From the security perspective, we have decided to disable the create_pr option for our service, from now on Packit will unconditionally create PRs when running propose-downstream. We have also updated the propose-downstream CLI such that it is possible to use create_pr from configuration or override it via --pr/--no-pr options. (packit#1563)
  • Packit now supports release_suffix configuration option that allows you to override the long release string provided by Packit that is used to ensure correct ordering and uniqueness of RPMs built in Copr. (packit#1568)

Week 18 (May 3rd - May 9th) #

  • packit source-git commands learnt to replace Git-trailers in commit messages if they already exist. (packit#1577)
  • When initializing source-git repos, the author of downstream commits created from patch files which are not in a git-am format is set to the original author of the patch-file in dist-git, instead of using the locally configured Git author. (packit#1575)
  • Packit now correctly inform users about downstream errors only on the last try. (Previously, Packit informed for all tries even the last try succeded.) (packit-service#1485)
  • Dashboard now also shows propose-downstream jobs in pipelines view. We have also merged all jobs to one column to minimize dead space on the page. (dashboard#178)