May 2021

May 2021

May 10, 2021

Week 18 (May 3rd - May 7th) #

Week 19 (May 10th - May 14th) #

  • Jirka added support for creating Bugzilla bugs for newly created MRs on GitLab (packit-service#1087).
  • The installation instructions for failed or unfinished COPR builds are not displayed on the results page (dashboard#104).

Week 20 (May 17th - May 21st) #

  • Hunor created an update-dist-git command (packit#1228).
  • Jan: use packit config as a place to create reference to tests (packit#1245).

Week 21 (May 24th - May 28th) #

  • Jirka added attribute for update-dist-git command to specify the packaging tool (e.g. centpkg). By default, fedpkg is used. (packit#1257, packit-service#1105).
  • Tomáš added support for patch_id in the metadata of source-git commits. (packit#1252)
  • Hunor improved the strategy of checking Copr results when we don’t receive that information over message-bus. (packit-service#1104)