March 2021

March 2021

March 4, 2021

March 2021 #

Week 9 (March 1st - March 5th) #

  • Tomas improved the performance of sandcastle, all the user-defined actions now run in one sandbox. This should also speed up the SRPM builds. (packit#1129)
  • You can view the results of jobs directly in our dashboard, kudos to Anchit. (dashboard#73)
  • Jirka implemented setting of the environment context when running the Testing farm tests. (packit-service#1008)
  • In Packit there is a new configuration option sources which overrides the URLs defined in specfiles. (packit#1131, packit#1143)

Week 10 (March 8th - March 12th) #

  • Jirka worked on setting up GitHub Workflows across all of the Packit repositories to build the container images for Packit Service and push them to
  • Tomáš fixed a bug in the linearization mechanism used when generating patch files from a series of Git commits. (packit#1144)
  • Hunor implemented a way for packit to detect if patch-files generated from Git are identical with the ones already in dist-git. This should help avoiding superfluous changes done by propose-downstream. (packit#1133)
  • Jirka increased the delay (to 3 minutes in total) for Packit Service when retrying downloading the sources during a propose-downstream job. This should give more time for the sources to become available after a release is created. (packit-service#1019)
  • Matěj fixed an ugly bug which caused Packit Service not to react to installation events. (packit-service#1018)

Week 11 (March 15th - March 19th) #

  • Laura fixed a bug in the processing of GitHub App installations. (packit-service#1020)
  • Jirka fixed a bug that caused improper numbering of patches for source-git. (packit#1164)

Week 12 (March 22th - March 26th) #

  • Franta improved database schema. It will help us match builds and tests together more easily and solve some UX problems. (packit-service#954)
  • packit init CLI command has been updated to
    • place downstream packaging files in a subdirectory .distro instead of fedora. (packit#1165)
    • enable using Stream 9 dist-git as a source. (packit#1177)
  • Laura reworked how specfiles are being synced from downstream dist-git repositories and we are running a PoC for packit’s projects to test the new approach. (packit-service#1023)
  • It’s possible to specify a distinct test repository for tests in a test job. (packit#1155) (packit-service#1021)
  • centos-stream target is temporarily resolved to centos-stream-8 to reflect a change in Copr. (packit#1167)

Week 13 (March 29th - April 1st) #

  • Jirka fixed a bug in packit push-update (packit#1191).
  • Matěj introduced the fedora-latest alias for build and test targets, which resolves to the latest branched Fedora Linux (packit#1187).
  • A custom path for the package config (aka packit.yaml) can be specified using a new, top-level -c, --config option (packit#1184).