June 2021

June 2021

June 4, 2021

Week 22 (May 31st - June 4th) #

  • We have a new status page, kudos to Jirka!
  • Franta fixed a bug that if some action during propose-downstream caused an upstream git repository to be dirty, the sync for other branches failed. (packit-service#1111)
  • packit generate is not supported anymore. (packit#1269)
  • Tomáš improved the patch ordering. (packit#1263)

Week 23 (June 7th - June 11th) #

  • Tomáš improved the way changelog is passed from source-git repo to dist-git. (packit#1265)
  • Hunor created a new subcommand source-git to group source-git related commands init and update-dist-git. (packit#1273)
  • František improved API by adding submitted_time to the test result. (packit-service#1113)

Week 24 (June 14th - June 19th) #

  • Franta started working on packit-service being able to submit test jobs to internal testing farm so teams can test upstream changes against RHEL. (packit-service#1124 packit#1280)
  • Hunor continues working on packit source-git init: CLI is now more streamlined and simplified, and the command produces source-git repos matching our documentation. (packit#1277)
  • Maťo Focko finished his refactoring of the Upstream class - should not have impact on our users, but make the code easier to work with. (packit#1157)

Week 25 (June 21st - June 26th) #

  • Hunor made several improvements to source-git init’s CLI. (packit#1284)
  • Thanks to Frantisek there is now one COPR project/repo used for all releases. (packit-service#1128)
  • Laura fixed a bug in syncing downstream to upstream. (packit#1285)