July 2021

July 2021

July 9, 2021

Week 26+27 (June 28th - July 9th) #

Summer is here and vacations with it. Most of the work done in this sprint is either internal (not user facing) or not finished yet.

  • Thanks to MaťejM Packit Service now triggers a new Copr build if no suitable build has been found. That fixes an issue that the service sometimes did not react to /packit test. (packit-service#1132)

Week 28 (July 12th - July 16th) #

  • We have a new API endpoint for obtaining projects of a given forge. (packit-service#1159)
  • The bug causing that some projects couldn’t be loaded in our dashboard was fixed. (packit-service#1161)

Week 29 (July 19th - July 23th) #

  • Various improvements on our dashboard were done; mainly:
  • Newly, we use the Checks API to show results on GitHub. You can still see the results on the bottom of the pull-request page, but also in the Checks tab. This gives us more options like status with a neutral state (e.g. currently, for permission errors) or a place for showing more details. Don’t forget to give our GitHub application permissions to use it. You can expect more improvements in this field. (packit-service#1167)

Week 30 (July 26th - July 30th) #

  • Source-git patch metadata: the squash_commits key is deprecated. Instead of using this, set the same patch_name in the commit message of adjacent commits, which should end up in the same patch file. (packit#1309)
  • packit init can now find a spec file inside of a git repository and set it in .packit.yaml. (packit#1313)
  • A lot of work has been done on our dashboard:
    • Status labels on dashboard have been reworked.
    • New pipelines view for dashboard has been released, where you can see all builds and tests that were recently run for your pull request, release or branch push. Each row represents one pipeline of builds and tests from SRPM all the way to the Testing Farm.