July 2021

July 2021

July 9, 2021

Week 26+27 (June 28th - July 9th) #

Summer is here and vacations with it. Most of the work done in this sprint is either internal (not user facing) or not finished yet.

  • Thanks to MaťejM Packit Service now triggers a new Copr build if no suitable build has been found. That fixes an issue that the service sometimes did not react to /packit test. (packit-service#1132)

Week 28 (July 12th - July 16th) #

  • We have a new API endpoint for obtaining projects of a given forge. (packit-service#1159)
  • The bug causing that some projects couldn’t be loaded in our dashboard was fixed. (packit-service#1161)

Week 29 (July 19th - July 23th) #

  • Various improvements on our dashboard were done; mainly:
  • Newly, we use the Checks API to show results on GitHub. You can still see the results on the bottom of the pull-request page, but also in the Checks tab. This gives us more options like status with a neutral state (e.g. currently, for permission errors) or a place for showing more details. Don’t forget to give our GitHub application permissions to use it. You can expect more improvements in this field. (packit-service#1167)