July 2020

Week 27 (June 29th - July 3rd)


  • We introduced a new command packit validate-config which validates the contect of a package configuration file in your project (contributed by @TomasJani, #826).


  • You are now able to override configuration for builds, releases and other jobs (by @TomasTomecek, #676). Read more about this feature here.

Week 28 (July 6th - July 10th)


  • Command validate-config works properly now and does not produce odd error messages, by @TomasTomecek and @csomh, #894 and #895
  • You will now properly see git-describe metadata in the %release field in spec file when using srpm command, by @TomasTomecek, #894
  • git-log is being used to get a list of commits between HEAD and latest tag to pick up commit messages and add those to %changelog, by @TomasTomecek, #889
  • packit is now able to load metadata from commits of a source-git repo and utilize them when creating patch files, by @lachmanfrantisek, #875


  • We now have a new API endpoint: /api/projects/, by @IceWreck, #716
  • Over the last few weeks, @lbarcziova was very busy with refactoring how jobs and tasks are being executed in packit-service. This work is now complete which allows us to scale the deployment up while giving us better introspection in what’s happening inside, by @lbarcziova, #704

Week 29 (July 13th - July 17th)

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Week 30 (July 20th - July 24th)

Week 31 (July 27th - July 31st)