January 2022

January 2022

January 3, 2022

Week 1 (December 13th - January 2nd) #

  • Dashboard shows a message when the SRPM build logs are not present instead of an empty page that might suggest logs are being loaded. (packit/dashboard#158)

Week 2 (January 3rd - January 7th) #

  • Packit service now discards old (currently, this means 3 months) SRPM builds logs. (packit/packit-service#1315)
  • We have added target_branch_head_commit property to the PullRequest class in ogr that allows you to get commit hash of the HEAD of the target branch (i.e. base, where the changes are merged to). (packit/ogr#671)
  • Service now passes PACKIT_TARGET_SHA variable, which holds commit hash of the HEAD of the target branch where the changes are supposed to be merged, to the Testing Farm environment. This should help solving the issue of running tests from non-merged codebase on the Testing Farm side. (packit/packit-service#1319)

Week 3 (January 10th - January 14th) #

  • Packit no longer ignores --no-bump and --release-suffix options for source-git repos. packit/packit#1452
  • Packit now names local branch pr/{pr_id} when checking out a PR, even when it’s not being merged with the target branch. This results into NVR of the build containing pr{pr_id} instead of pr.changes{pr_id}. packit/packit#1445