January 2021

January 2021

January 8, 2021

January 2021 #

Week 1 (January 4th - January 8th) #

  • Name of the job/command/comment to propose update of downstream package has been synced between CLI and service to propose-downstream. propose-update is now deprecated. (packit#1065, packit-service#913)

Week 2 (January 11th - January 15th) #

Week 3 (January 18th - January 22th) #

  • We have temporarily disabled the testing-farm support because the cluster with old runner has died and the new runner is not ready. The tests are now skipped and you get Testing farm is temporarily disabled. status until we have the new runner available. (packit-service#929)

Week 4 (January 25th - January 29th) #

  • The CLI and the service now detect name of the default branch of a repository instead of assuming it to be called master. (packit#1074, packit-service#924)
  • Build status page now points to the built SRPM uploaded to COPR. (packit-service#889)
  • propose-downstream on source-git repositories now always uses --local-content. (packit#1093)
  • Hunor fixed bug packit#1089 which caused a wrong revision to be used for certain jobs in Packit Service.
  • Tomas improved the reliability of our sandboxing service. (sandcastle#95)
  • Default branches in all our repositories have been renamed from master to main.