February 2021

February 2021

February 5, 2021

February 2021 #

Week 5 (February 1st - February 5th) #

  • The service uses new Testing Farm (API). We are still working on better user experience and fixing bugs. (packit-service#875)
  • MatejF refactored permission system on pull requests and issues comments and renamed whitelist to allowlist. (packit-service#936)
  • The service now retries failed tasks. (packit-service#931)
  • --koji-target option of the CLI’s build command now accepts aliases. (packit#1052)
  • The service runs on Fedora 33 now.

Week 6 (February 8th - February 12th) #

  • --dist-git-branches option in the CLI’s propose-downstream command was fixed, it now respects set branches. (packit#1094)
  • The way Packit adds patches to spec-file in source-git repo was improved, now it shouldn’t fail if patches are sparsely numbered. (packit#1100)

Week 7 (February 15th - February 19th) #

Week 8 (February 22th - February 25th) #