February 2020

February 2020

February 7, 2020

Week 6 #

Both Packit and Packit Service pre-commit hooks were updated to include prettier and setup-cfg-fmt, in order to have a more consistent formatting of markup, YAML, JSON and setup.cfg files.

It became easier for developers to build the Packit base image locally, and tests in Zuul were configured to run on Fedora 31.

Packit learned how to look for RPM spec files on its own, so specifying specfile_path in the configuration is not mandatory anymore. Packit will recursively search the tree and use the first spec file found.

The Redis pod in Packit Service uses an up to date image now, based on Fedora 31. Kudos to hhorak for the help!

Week 7 #

The default configuration generated by Packit has test jobs enabled from now on. This should simplify configuring Packit in new repositories.

Fixed a bug which was causing SRPM-build failures in Packit Service for projects which had their spec files stored in a subdirectory.

As a result of keys.fedoraproject.org being turned off, Packit now tries a list of GPG keyservers when downloading keys to check commit signatures.

When enabling Packit Service for new GitHub repositories, instead of checking if the requester is a Fedora packager, we’ll check if they signed the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement.

While proposing an update to Fedora, Packit Service will report a failure now when there are no releases found in the upstream GitHub repository.

Test results became serializable, we will not block when no test results are received, and Packit Service received some initial code to enable using PostgreSQL as a data backend.

Week 8 #

Postgresql database was introduced in production environment to improve performance and enable implementation of new features, e.g. storing logs to reduce amount of messages sent directly to pull request (#406), (#420).

Cleanup in configuration files was performed, so no longer needed values were removed from .packit.yaml (#709). User experience was improved by adding new --upstrem-ref option to copr-build command in command-line interface (#718) and making error reporting more robust by adding new fedpkg clones related error message (#714).

Following bugs were fixed:

  • bug in copr-build command fixed (#713)
  • get_local_package_config() duplicate entries in ‘directories’ bug fixed (#715)

Week 9 #

packit #

  • Dist-git patches are now applied in source-git repos with -p1 to resolve an issue when they are generated with git and patch program fails to apply them (#730).
  • Fedora 32 was added to ‘fedora-all’ and ‘fedora-development’ aliases (#731).
  • We have put more links to our documentation (README, deprecation warning in packit) so that people can easily correct their configuration files (#726).

packit-service #

  • targets key in copr job definition in the packit.yaml is no longer a required field (it defaults to fedora-stable) (#431).
  • Builds are now correctly linked to their actual GitHub projects (this can be seen in the logs view) (#441).