December 19

Week 49

ogr & packit

  • ogr-0.9.0 has been released greatly restructured. (#291)
  • packit status (CLI) now shows also latest Copr builds. (#579)
  • Target aliases (currently fedora-development, fedora-stable, fedora-all) can now be used in the packit config file. (#619)
  • When doing a new update in Fedora dist-git, packit now by default creates a new pull request instead of pushing directly to dist-git. (#622)

packit service

  • Does not set test checks when tests are not configured. (#275)
  • Supports target aliases and dist-git branches aliases. (#277, #285)
  • Nicely formats errors from OpenShift API. (#283)
  • Runs Copr build when user adds a /packit build comment into a PR. (#290)

Week 50


  • If there is no upstream_package_name/downstream_package_name given in .packit.yaml, they now default to the name of the GitHub repo. (#624)
  • If no jobs are defined in .packit.yaml packit by default runs build job on fedora-stable targets and propose_downstream on fedora-all branches. (#625)
  • build command has nicer output. (#630)
  • Smaller fixes. (#630, #636)

packit service

  • Creates a new issue when propose-update fails. (#300)
  • Better reports failed submitting of a Copr build. (#301)