August 2021

August 2021

August 6, 2021

Week 31 (August 2nd - August 6th) #

  • sync_release in API allows specifying a suffix for the newly created branch in a dist-git repo fork, so that there can be more open update PRs for the same dist-git branch at the same time. (packit#1326)
  • The behaviour of running tests triggered by /packit test comment was improved. If there is no existing Copr build when the tests are triggered, Packit service should now react and create a new build. Also when the last Copr build status is failed, tests are not submitted and users are informed about this. (packit-service#1188)
  • You can use oraclelinux-7/oraclelinux-8 chroots for build and test of your package on Oracle Linux. (packit-service#1186)

Week 32 (August 9th - August 13th) #

  • status command of Packit’s CLI has been refactored and now provides much cleaner output. (packit#1329)

Week 33 (August 16th - August 20th) #

  • When reacting to /packit test, Packit service sets a status before starting the job to unify the behaviour with reacting to triggering builds. (packit-service#1187)
  • packit validate-config now checks also the value of the specfile_path configuration option and shows warning if the specified file is not present in the repository. (packit#1342)

Week 34 (August 23rd - August 27th) #

  • Packit by default locally merges checked out pull requests into target branch. Logging for checking out pull requests was improved to contain hashes and summaries of last commit on both source and target branches. (packit#1344)
  • Packit Service now runs Copr and Koji builds and following tests on Testing Farm for pull requests on the code that would be a result of merging into the target branch. In case merge conflicts occur during preparation of SRPM, you can find more info in the SRPM logs. (packit-service#1206)
  • Packit’s CLI source-git update-dist-git now supports using Git trailers to define patch metadata, which will control how patches are generated and added to the spec-file. source-git init uses this format to capture patch metadata when setting up a source-git repo, instead of the YAML one. To maintain backwards compatibility, the YAML format is still parsed, but only if none of the patches defines metadata using Git trailers. (packit#1336)
  • These changes will be applied next week (not this week as usual).