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January 2021

January 8, 2021

January 2021 # Week 1 (January 4th - January 8th) # Name of the job/command/comment to propose update of downstream package has been synced between CLI and service to propose-downstream. propose-update is now deprecated. (packit#1065, packit-service#913) Week 2 (January 11th - January 15th) # Branch deletions are now correctly ignored. (packit-service#919) Multiple internal improvements have been done. (packit#1072, packit-service#922, packit-service#923)

December 2020

December 4, 2020

Week 49 (November 30th - December 4th) # Jano fixed a bug in sync_release method of Packit API. (packit#1043) Jiri Konecny contributed a fix for how Packit creates COPR urls. (packit#1039) Laura updated instructions how to retrigger a job. (packit-service#892) Week 50 (December 7th - December 11th) # Tomas implemented the --upstream-url option of packit init command. When specified, init also sets up a source-git repository next to creating a configuration file. ...

November 2020

November 6, 2020

Week 45 (November 2nd - November 6th) # Laura implemented an option for packit to copy description from a release into a changelog when running propose-update. Also the default message has been changed to the list of commit messages from last release. (packit#1004) Jano improved handling of build targets in packit. (packit#986) Tomas improved an experience of a contributor to source-git in case the contributor doesn’t follow git-am patches style that is used. ...

October 2020

October 15, 2020

Week 41 (October 5th - October 9th) # franta made triggering of jobs more reliable and in correct situations (packit-service#837) Week 42 (October 12th - October 16th) # Nothing significant happened during this week. The only change was that Hunor resolved a problem when sentry client library (the alert service we use) caused errors in stage environment and hence the problem didn’t make it to production. ...

Working on the next major RHEL release, in your upstream repo

October 4, 2020

Fedora EL Niño (ELN) is such an awesome idea. It enables building rawhide packages in two distinct buildroots: the standard Fedora Rawhide buildroot and a second one, which mimics Red Hat Enterprise Linux This way you can make sure that your new upstream release builds fine in the next RHEL. But this feedback might be a little bit too late: the upstream release already happened and the code was imported in Fedora dist-git, so fixing an issue will require repeating the whole process. ...

September 2020

September 4, 2020

Week 36 (August 31th - September 4th) # We store the submission time of SRPM builds now (packit-service#795 by Anchit). Shreyas improved implementation of the build status reporting (packit-service#740). Anchit enhanced the /koji-builds endpoint to be more consistent with /copr-builds endpoint (packit-service#791). Week 37 (September 7th - September 11th) # Stage now uses Tokman to get access tokens for GitHub, which should resolve race condition when running parallel jobs (Tokman by Hunor, ogr integration by Matej). ...

August 2020

August 13, 2020

Week 32 (August 3rd - August 7th) and 33 (August 10th - August 13th) # We renamed our GitHub organisation to packit. That user had been inactive for a long time and Hunor’s request was successful. The Copr project settings are now changed only if needed. If we can’t edit the settings, we ask for the admin access to the Copr project and the service shows you a table with the changes if you want to do the edit manually. ...

July 2020

July 3, 2020

Week 27 (June 29th - July 3rd) # packit # We introduced a new command packit validate-config which validates the contect of a package configuration file in your project (contributed by @TomasJani, #826). packit-as-a-service # You are now able to override configuration for builds, releases and other jobs (by @TomasTomecek, #676). Read more about this feature here. Week 28 (July 6th - July 10th) # packit # Command validate-config works properly now and does not produce odd error messages, by @TomasTomecek and @csomh, #894 and #895 You will now properly see git-describe metadata in the %release field in spec file when using srpm command, by @TomasTomecek, #894 git-log is being used to get a list of commits between HEAD and latest tag to pick up commit messages and add those to %changelog, by @TomasTomecek, #889 packit is now able to load metadata from commits of a source-git repo and utilize them when creating patch files, by @lachmanfrantisek, #875 packit-as-a-service # We now have a new API endpoint: /api/projects/, by @IceWreck, #716 Over the last few weeks, @lbarcziova was very busy with refactoring how jobs and tasks are being executed in packit-service. ...

June 2020

May 6, 2020

Week 23 (June 1st - June 5th) # Hello everyone, during this week we didn’t manage to implement any significant new features - most of the work happened under the hood. packit # We have fixed a formatting issue when packit prints installation instructions for using builds from a copr repo (by @lachmanfrantisek, #852). You are able to set up builds when you push to a branch, we have set this up for master branch of packit, feel free to get inspired (by @lachmanfrantisek, #851). ...

May 2020

May 6, 2020

Week 19 (May 4th - May 6th) # packit # The image now uses ogr from git master instead of from Fedora stable RPM. packit-service # Franta Fixed a previous week introduced bug, which prevented users from being whitelisted. (#599) Hunor Made improvements to avoid a race condition in getting app access token. (#601) Week 20+21 (May 11th - May 22th) # packit # The debug logs in the CLI are now much more consistent. ...