Propose your source-git content to dist-git

Propose your source-git content to dist-git #

Once your changes are merged into a source-git repo, the final step is to propose those changes to dist-git and get a production build.

For both, we have CLI commands in Packit which are meant to be run from the source-git’s repo checkout.

Propose… #

$ packit propose-downstream --dist-git-branch main

The command above will take content of your source-git repository and creates a pull request for the matching dist-git repo (and dist-git’s branch) with the spec file, additional sources and downstream patches.

If you want to change something in the spec file, this is the right time to bump release, add a %changelog entry or adjust macros. Packit will copy the content of the source-git spec file downstream.

Once the PR is up, you should wait for all the builds and tests to finish and succeed to be sure that all is good. When all checks shine with green, you are welcome to merge and celebrate for doing an update using source-git.

…and build #

You can either check out the dist-git repository yourself and perform fedpkg build as you’re used to doing or run the following command from the same terminal session:

$ packit build --dist-git-branch main