packit source-git init #

Initialize a repository to serve as a source-git repo.

The biggest advantage of this command is the functionality to create source-git repos. Here’s a quick rundown what packit does:

  • Fetches specfile and additional sources from Fedora or CentOS dist-git.
  • Apply downstream patches as commits.
  • Add source-git configuration to control future syncing to dist-git.

We have a guide on how to create source-git repos manually if you want to understand the steps performed.

Prerequisites #

  • A clone of the upstream repo with checked out branch which matches the base ref.
  • The git ref of the upstream repo used as a base.
  • A clean dist-git repository.

Tutorial #

As an example, let’s create a source-git repo out of systemd. The project uses a dedicated repository to provide backports for actively maintained stable releases.

First step is to clone the respective dist-git repo (we’ll use Fedora Rawhide in our case):

$ fedpkg clone systemd
$ cd systemd

We should now determine the version in the specfile

$ rpmspec -q --qf "%{version}" ./systemd.spec

Since systemd-stable prefixes the backport releases with v, we know that we want to base our source-git repo on the v249.4 tag:

$ git clone
$ cd systemd-stable
$ git checkout 'v249.4'

All the prereqs should be met now! We have the upstream clone with the proper tag checked out and the respective dist-git repo. We can now run the source-git init command:

$ packit source-git init v249.4 $FEDORA_SOURCE_GIT_REPOS/systemd-stable $FEDORA_DIST_GIT_REPOS/systemd

Once the command finishes successfully, your source-git repo is available for you at $FEDORA_SOURCE_GIT_REPOS/systemd-stable. Please head on to a section in this documentation which covers working with source-git repos.

Help #

$ packit source-git init --help
Usage: packit source-git init [OPTIONS] UPSTREAM_REF SOURCE_GIT DIST_GIT

  Initialize SOURCE_GIT as a source-git repo by applying downstream patches
  from DIST_GIT as Git commits on top of UPSTREAM_REF.

  UPSTREAM_REF is a tag, branch or commit from SOURCE_GIT.

  SOURCE_GIT and DIST_GIT are paths to the source-git and dist-git repos.
  Branch names can be specified, separated by colons.

  If a branch name is specified for SOURCE_GIT, the branch is checked out
  and reset to UPSTREAM_REF.

  If a branch name is specified for DIST_GIT, the branch is checked out
  before setting up the source-git repo. This branch is expected to exist.

  To learn more about source-git, please check


      $ packit source-git init v2.3.1 src/acl:rawhide rpms/acl:rawhide
      $ packit source-git init --pkg-tool centpkg v2.3.1 src/acl rpms/acl

  --upstream-url TEXT     Git URL of the upstream repository. It is saved in
                          the source-git configuration if it is specified.

  --upstream-remote TEXT  Name of the remote pointing to the upstream
                          repository. If --upstream-url is not specified, the
                          fetch URL of this remote is saved in the source-git
                          configuration as the Git URL of the upstream
                          project. Defaults to 'origin'.

  --pkg-tool TEXT         Name or path of the packaging tool used to work with
                          sources in the dist-git repo. A variant of 'rpkg'.
                          Defaults to 'fedpkg' or the tool configured in the
                          Packit configuration.

  --pkg-name TEXT         The name of the package in the distro. Defaults to
                          the directory name of DIST_GIT.

  -h, --help              Show this message and exit.