packit prepare-sources #

Prepares sources for a new SRPM build using the content of the upstream repository. Applies the same as for packit srpm, but instead of building a SRPM in the end, prepared sources are moved to the result-dir.

Requirements #

  • Upstream project is using git.
  • Packit config file placed in the upstream repository.

Help #

Usage: packit prepare-sources [OPTIONS] [PATH_OR_URL]

  Prepare sources for a new SRPM build using content of the upstream
  repository. Determine version, create an archive or download upstream and
  create patches for sourcegit, fix/update the specfile to use the right
  archive, download the remote sources. Behaviour can be customized by
  specifying actions (post-upstream-clone, get-current-version, create-
  archive, create-patches, fix-spec-file) in the configuration.

  PATH_OR_URL argument is a local path or a URL to the upstream git
  repository, it defaults to the current working directory

  --result-dir DIR                Copy the sources into DIR. By default,
                                  `prepare_sources_result` directory in the
                                  current working directory is created.
  --upstream-ref TEXT             Git ref of the last upstream commit in the
                                  current branch from which packit should
                                  generate patches (this option implies the
                                  repository is source-git).
  --update-release / --no-update-release
                                  Specifies whether to update Release.
                                  Defaults to value set in configuration,
                                  which defaults to yes.
  --bump / --no-bump              Deprecated. Use --[no-]update-release
  --release-suffix TEXT           Specifies release suffix. Allows to override
                                  default generated:{current_time}.{sanitized_
  --default-release-suffix        Allows to use default, packit-generated,
                                  release suffix when some release_suffix is
                                  specified in the configuration.
  --job-config-index INTEGER      Internal option to override package config
                                  found in the repository with job config with
                                  given index (needed for packit service).
  --ref TEXT                      Git reference to checkout.
  --pr-id TEXT                    Specifies PR to checkout.
  --merge-pr / --no-merge-pr      Specifies whether to merge PR into the base
                                  branch in case pr-id is specified.
  --target-branch TEXT            Specifies target branch which PR should be
                                  merged into.
  --create-symlinks / --no-create-symlinks
                                  Specifies whether Packit should create
                                  symlinks or copy the files (e.g. archive
                                  outside specfile dir).
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.