Source git is the place where the manual work is done

This document serves as a detailed description of source-git. Please bear in mind that some things are a subject to change — the overall design is pretty solid, but details may be tinkered over time.

Authors: Stef Walter, Tomas Tomecek


Content of source-git repository is equivalent to dist-git, but uses upstream format: source files instead of tarballs, git commits instead of patches.

You can host this repository, or the specific git branch, anywhere you want. If you open a pull request, you will receive feedback on the changes: * Does the package build with the changes? * Do all the package tests pass? * How about tests of the dependant packages? * Are the changes good to be included in Fedora?

The goal of packit is to provide automation and tooling to interact with source-git repositories so you don’t have to touch dist-git ever again. Our plan is to center development experience around upstream repositories and source-git.

Upstream repositories and source-git repositories are pretty much the same thing. Creating source-git only makes sense when the upstream does not accept downstream spec file or adding spec file to such a project doesn’t make sense.

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